The Burden of Objects’ Dust, #1-7


For “Small Things Forgotten”, a project for the Southern Alberta Art Gallery’s “Into the Streets: Avenues for Art” project and exhibition series, I was given the storefront gallery to exhibit in.  Part of my project involved this series of seven reconstituted dust piles gathered from the debris produced during the gallery's previous exhibition, Raphaëlle de Groot's "The Burden of Objects".  Each pile was reassembled into its original found form on shelves and paired with a photograph of the original pile as well as a pen on paper drawing or “portrait” of itself.

Each piece consists of an 8 x 10” photograph of the original found pile of dust and debris, an 8 x 10” pen on paper drawing of the pile, and a shelf displaying the original pile reconstituted into its found form.   Installation shots by David Miller.

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