Signs of Life


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My husband Tyler Brett and I had a two-person exhibition at the ODD Gallery in Dawson City in June/July of 2013.  Our exhibition was called ‘Signs of Life’, and the accompanying essay, written by our dear friend Brecken Hancock, can be read here.

Top Image: Installation view of my part of this exhibition, which consisted of some rocks, some copies of rocks, photos, a carbon-dust drawing, and my video series ‘The End of the World’.

Next Image: A shelf displaying six copies of rocks I found and took away with me when I first went to Dawson City in 2010, shown alongside photos I took of the original rocks put back, roughly where they had originally been found, when I went back to Dawson City for this show in 2013. 

Next Image, Left: ‘Karen’, a carbon-dust drawing I did of a rock called Karen, which is one of the sailing stones found in Death Valley.  (More info on Karen here.)

Next Image, Right: One of my copies of a rock, shown beside a photo of where I put the original rock back.  (This one went on top of the Dome above Dawson City.)

Bottom Images: Tyler and I put on a free concert in the gallery as The Department, and we were accompanied on drums by the terrific Matthew Sarty.  In these images you can see a bit of one element of Tyler’s installation ‘Watering Wheeler’, which was a kinetic sculpture he made using a turntable and various other objects he scavenged in Dawson City - the sculpture also ended up watering the gallery plants for the duration of our exhibition. 

More info and images here and here.