Born Out of Pleasure: A Collaboration with Harrell Fletcher


In 2008 I was one of twelve people in Toronto who collaborated with Harrell Fletcher for ten days, culminating in a show at the Power Plant.  The other people involved were Augusto Bastos, Thomas Brant, Sean Frey, Hannah Jickling, Alison SM Kobayashi, Helen Reed, Swintak, Kristin Shaw, Maiko Tanaka, Amy Wah, and Karen Wielonda.  The exhibition, Born Out of Pleasure, was curated by Helena Reckitt.

One of the twelve collaborators was an expert cake maker - Karen Wielonda of Frostitution - who inspired us to make sculptural cakes of our experiences for the exhibition, so it became a show of cakes.

These images show just a few of the encounters we had over the ten days, and the cakes these encounters inspired.  The two images to the left show a denturist named Manuel Bentes of the Dundas Denture Clinic on Dundas Street, and the dentures cake I made as a homage to Manuel.  Below those images there is a photo of a chance encounter we had on the street with Francisco Alejandri, who had recently survived being hit by a truck on his bike.  Beside this photo is a close-up of the cake Sean Frey made of the accident, and the bottom two photos show Harrell in The Monkey’s Paw - a bookshop I used to work at - and his stack-of -books-cake.  (Sean Frey took the black and white photo, and Harrell Fletcher took the photos of Manuel Bentes and Francisco Alejandri and his bike.)

We also made a blog called Cake Worthy where you can see more images of our process over the ten days, and more of the cakes we made.  This project is also discussed in this article about Harrell Fletcher in Frieze.

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