Wicker, etc.

2002, 2003

Some projects from 2002/2003 involving wicker, weaving, and knitting.  (Inspired in part by this ongoing wicker/weaving research.)

Top row: Skateboard Cozy, 2003 - a cozy knit to cover an old skateboard.

Middle Row, left: Portrait of my Studio as a Doormat, 2003 - a sisal doormat woven to cover my studio.

Middle Row, right: Wicker Identity Crisis, 2002 - a photograph of a wicker tube I made and put in a wicker basket display in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Second from Bottom Row: Wicker Support, 2003 - wicker support beams woven to go alongside wooden support beams.

Bottom Row: Wicker Identity Crisis Part 2, 2003.

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