The End of the World


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I began this project in 2010 while doing a six week KIAC residency in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.  While there I made time-lapse videos of six broken objects I came across, filmed over a 24 hour period.

I then digitally removed the broken objects from each video still, leaving only the shadows passing over and cast by the objects – a broken snowshoe, a broken plate, a bent spoon, a rusty nail, and a broken wicker goose - looped and played with audio I recorded while in Dawson.  This series of videos was shown alongside photos of the found objects and drawings of their shadows in a solo exhibition called The End of the World at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse, YT, curated by Earl Miller.

This project is inspired in part by Ilgvars Steins, an artist I befriended while in Dawson.  It was Ilgvars who recommended I read Murakami’s The End of the World, a story involving shadows separated from their sources.  I am also very grateful to Dan Sokolowski, Brecken Hancock, and Tyler Brett for their invaluable help with this project.

Images: Two photos of how this was installed at the YAC, with a video clip from that exhibition below.

More information on the exhibition here, and more images and videos from it here.