Copies of a Gum Wrapper


After installing my project at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery - see here for more details - I found a Trident gum wrapper on the floor of the gallery that I had overlooked while gathering dust and debris to work with.  I kept the gum wrapper and took it home to Toronto with me, and a few months later I drew 50 pen on vellum copies of it for the exhibition Air Conditioned Jungle at Diaz Contemporary, curated by Gregory Elgstrand.

Please see here for more info on this exhibition, and here for an Artstars* video where you can view the wrappers in action.

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Anitra Hamilton Invite


I was asked by Anitra Hamilton to make a project for her Satchel Gallery in the fall of 2009.  As this was a time when she was going to have several exhibitions of her own, I decided to paint a set of gouache on paper copies of one of her exhibition invites.  The original invite is to the immediate left, and my copies are beside and below it.  Also pictured is a Satchel Gallery cell-phone-action shot, taken by Sarah Robayo-Sheridan.