Current & Upcoming


I will have a piece in Mercer Union’s Stellar Living exhibition and auction.  The piece is called “Joe Dust’s Rocks”, and includes a group of rocks I found in Bruno, and a group of ceramic copies I made of these rocks.  (The original rocks were found in a clear plastic bag at the Bruno Transfer Station - the dump - and were in a pile of things left there by Joe Dust’s family when they moved him out of his house last summer.)  The copies are ceramic with acrylic paint and gold leaf.

More information here.

Some of my Souvenirs (California) rocks will be on display as part of the group exhibition Avernus, at Baba’s House in Creighton, Saskatchewan.  This exhibition is curated by Lucien Durey and Katie Kozak, and will open on June 30th.

More information here.

For the month of May, I’ll be exhibiting some of my rocks and copies in a small show called ‘Some Souvenirs’ in The Vault Gallery, at the Bruno Arts Bank in Bruno, SK.  Full disclosure - my husband Tyler curated this show, and he and I co-directed the Bruno Arts Bank together until June, 2013.  In more nepotism-related news, this photo is of our sweet dog Terrence checking out my show.

More information here.

Tyler Brett and I will be having a two person exhibition at the ODD Gallery in Dawson City, YT, opening June 27th.  The exhibition will be called Signs of Life, and will feature video projects from both of us, as well as a some drawings by me and a new kinetic turntable sculpture by Tyler. 

More information on our exhibition here.

We will also be performing some of Tyler’s music while in Dawson City.  More info on our concert in the ODD Gallery can be found here.

Tyler and I ran The Bruno Arts Bank together for the past two and a half years.  We recently sold it, and have moved to Sointula, BC, where we are setting up a new small artist residency/shop/studio/project space/etc, much of which will take place in and near a shed:

The Sointula Art Shed!

I am now a weekly contributor to Sculpture a Day, an online archive of “spontaneous gestures and happenstance observations in the sculptural vernacular”.  Sculpture a Day was started by Sara Graham and Bryne McLaughlin, and the photo on the left was my first contribution.

More of my contributions can be seen here.

Last spring I interviewed my dear and very talented friend Anne Low for Millions Magazine, and it was published in Issue 3.

More information on Anne and her weavings can be found here.  (This image is a photo Anne took of the magazine article.)

The exhibition essay for the two-person show Tyler Brett and I had last June/July at the ODD Gallery in Dawson city was written by our very good friend, poet Brecken Hancock.

Brecken’s essay is called ‘Ghosts in the Rough: Kerri Reid and Tyler Brett’s Signs of Life’, and can be read online here.

And more information about Brecken and her poetry can be found here.